Traveling Independently

One of the most commonly asked questions by inquiring travelers is whether they should come independently or with a friend.

Close to half of our travelers do join us independently. The number per trip varies so please feel free to contact us to discuss the programs of interest to you. There are many advantages to coming on your own and we are glad to discuss this decision with you.

There is a great geographic mix of teens for you to meet and share an unforgettable experience.  From our ice breakers on the first few days to the incredible activities, we work hard to ensure everyone feels a part of the Westcoast Connection / 360° Student Travel family.

But don’t just take our word for it!  The following are what past travelers have had to say.

Emily had an amazing time on her teen tour. She made fantastic friends and… you were right! Traveling alone was not a problem at all. We were very impressed with every aspect of the trip including the wonderful staff.
Nancy & Scott Levine, Weston, Florida

At first I was really nervous about this trip because I came knowing no one, but I can honestly say now that the friends I made on this trip will be my friends for a very long time! This experience I gained was beyond what I thought I could ever gain. I am so happy I came and upset that I have to now leave.
Carlee Litt, Oceanside, New York

This was Jordan’s first experience away from home for a long period of time. He was nervous about going away alone. When he got to the airport, the Trip Leader had all of the kids in a circle. By the time he said goodbye to us, he already made friends. He absolutely loved everything about the trip. He loved his friends that he made and he really bonded with all three of the staff. His only regret was that he didn’t stay longer. We asked him to rate the trip from 1-10 and he gave it a 10.
Kim & Steve Schoenburg, Encino, California

The thing we were most nervous about sending Shauna was that she did not know one person. However, the staff is just outstanding in getting the kids to interact with each other. The icebreakers, seating and sleeping arrangements, and the day-to-day activities, all made it seamless for her to have tons of friends on the very first day. This is our third child we’ve sent on Westcoast Connection and you guys are batting 1000. You’ve knocked this one right out of the park just like the other two. Thank you Westcoast.
Evie & Scott Miller, Nepean, Ontario

Thank you very much for providing Ryan with a wonderful experience. I was a little nervous for him because he was going on the trip without knowing anybody but he made new friends easily and had a fantastic time. I especially appreciate the thought that Ira and his staff put into which trip would be best for Ryan because he was traveling alone.  They definitely made the right choice for him.
Jane Tucker, Great Neck, New York

Riley went alone and never once felt alone or unsafe. She adored the kids she met. Learned wonderful life lessons & made new friends. Staff did an excellent job.
Yolande & Bob Bel Bruno, New Canaan, Connecticut

With a last minute decision to take this trip and going without knowing anyone, I was thrilled at how much fun Jack had. I could tell by looking at the pictures, his brief and almost non-existent texts home that it was going well. He loved it – and hopes to do one next year. Made great friends he hopes to visit as well.
Melissa & Marc Solomon, Alpharetta, Georgia

I came into this trip a little nervous but as soon as I arrived at the airport everyone was so open to making new friends! It was my best summer yet!
Zachary Bass, Chappaqua, New York

This was the best summer of my life. I came by myself but once I met everyone, we became great friends in one day.
Kyle Goodman, Pepper Pike, Ohio

I’m very happy I traveled alone. It forced me to be more outgoing and social and put myself out there.
Jamie Milstein, Needham, Massachusetts

Andrew went on this trip without any friends from home or camp. He came home with so many new close friends. Our young Renaissance man loved cooking school in Florence, taking a three mile run in Annecy and plunging into the lake, and swimming in the green grotto in Capri. As a history buff, he appreciated the tours and absorbed the information so much that he spent hours giving us details today! What a wonderful (yet different) experience for each of our children!! Thank you!!
Lauren & Jeff Carton, West Harrison, New York

Westcoast Connection made my summer one of the best in my life. We were always entertained and doing some of the most amazing things. I came alone and ended up making some of the most amazing life-long friends. The staff was some of the nicest, funniest, most awesome people I’ve ever met. If I could, I would re-do this summer one million times over again.
Matthew Schafer, East Brunswick, New Jersey

I came alone hesitantly. By the end of the trip I made a little family and was so sad to leave. The staff really took the time to get to know us all and made sure we always had a smile on our faces. The sights we saw were amazing and I was so happy I came on this trp. It was pretty life-changing!
Lauren Anders, Germantown, Maryland

I became more independent and grew as an individual. Even though I came on the trip alone, I made so many new friends. The other kids were amazing!
Morgan Baer, Deerfield, Illinois

Coming alone I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but this summer was amazing. I made so many new friends that I will have forever and the staff is amazing, they made the trip 10x better.
Griffin Weber, Smithtown, New York

Coming alone was an amazing experience and chance to learn more about myself and make lots of new friends! I loved the European Discovery!
Madison Ross-Levy, Frisco, Texas

I was really nervous for the trip because I didn’t know anyone, but everyone made me feel comfortable so I could be myself, and they helped me to have the best summer I could have possibly imagined.
Jesse Blumberg, New York, New York

I had the summer of a lifetime. I came not knowing anyone but left with so many new friends from three different countries. Costa Rica community service was eye opening, life changing, and extremely fun. I would recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys making a difference and having fun!
Jaime Goldman, Sharon, Massachusetts

Adam went on this trip alone, and returned with many new friends. He had an amazing time with the other kids on this trip and had only good things to say about the counselors.
Daphna Goldberg, Boca Raton, Florida

My staff, Andy and Mark, was awesome! The cities were amazing and everything ran extremely smoothly. I learned to appreciate my surroundings and enjoy every place I went. I felt like I could be anybody I wanted to be and I would be accepted into the Westcoast Connection family for whatever person I chose to be. Even though I embarked on this trip individually, I ended as part of a family.
Samantha Stein, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Joshua had the time of his life. He was very sad to come home and leave all his new friends. He went on the trip alone and the Director and staff did an excellent job making all the kids feel comfortable and he made friends in no time. This is our second experience with the same trip and both kids had a great time and saw so many great parts of the country and experienced so many great things. I remember thinking last time, and again this time, that as a parent you do not feel like the trip “cuts corners” to save a few bucks. Everything was top notch and we would and have recommended Westcoast to friends and family. Thank you again for a wonderful summer for our son. Looking forward to figuring out where he will go next year.
Valerie & Charlie Green, Larchmont, New York

This was Marlee’s first time away on her own. She had the most AMAZING time! I’m so happy she did this trip!
Lori Beckman, Merion Station, Pennsylvania

Coming independently, I was a little nervous but I made friends from all over the USA, Canada and England the moment I got to the airport. The trip, staff and other members were really awesome!
William Ratner, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

This trip was the best summer I’ve ever had. I came alone and left with so many amazing new friends. The staff is amazing, they couldn’t have been better. The activities were once in a lifetime moments. I loved it!
Michael Sacks, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Everything we did throughout the trip was amazing, making it extremely hard to pick a favorite part. I made amazing friends, who I will stay in touch with for life. I came alone, but every person on the trip was amazing and I wouldn’t change a single part of my summer.
Carly Schwartz, Armonk, New York

I really enjoyed the trip, and I loved being able to get college credit. I also loved being in Italy and seeing amazing sights. I came to the program without knowing anyone but I am leaving with a bunch of new friends, and have had a great summer. All my staff was excellent! I love Marissa, she has an excellent attitude and Charlsie has such a nurturing spirit. All the staff was very responsible, fun to be around, a treat to talk to, and so much fun.
Olivia Altman, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Josie had a great time. She departed for Spain knowing nobody on the trip and came home with a lot of new friends. Everyone was very friendly and down-to-earth which was exactly what she wanted. All was very professionally run with knowledgeable staff. It seems like a very well-oiled machine, pretty impressive.
Carolyn & Gary Olschansky, Cockeysville, Maryland

Before the trip started, I was a little nervous about traveling to another country with people that I have never met, but the staff and the other kids were so amazing. It was one of the best summers I have ever had. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to broaden their minds and make life-long friends.
John Davis, Lancaster, Ohio

I had reservations about going on this trip alone, not knowing anyone but now after doing it I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  I feel like I’ve known some of these people for my entire life, we all got along great and are like a giant family.  I made friends that I’ll have for years.
Evan Ginsburg, Slingerlands, New York

What a phenomenal experience Joe had. He in fact admitted “This trip has changed me for the better” (which is quite an admission from a 15 year old!). It was really a lovely group of kids. The leaders did a great job making sure everyone met and interacted, so that even though Joe didn’t know anyone going into the trip, he made great friends. Thank you.
Susan Harris & Hayward Kaiser, Los Angeles, California

Megan has a blast on her trip. At the age of 14, she was determined to go on a Westcoast Connection trip just like her two older brothers. She looks forward to summer camp every year. This summer, she decided to go on the US Explorer, not knowing anyone. She made great friends from all over the states and plans on visiting them soon. She loved every day of the trip. The staff and Director were all excellent. Thanks for another great summer experience! Megan plans on going on another trip in the future.
Carolyn & Lawrence Sager, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I loved the trip! I had an awesome time and wish I could do it all over again! It’s amazing how a person can go on this trip without knowing anyone and leave with an entire group of friends for life.
Haley Banks, Villanova, Pennsylvania

I came on the trip alone, and made many new best friends. My mom said that from pictures it looks as though we have known each other forever, and we all felt that way. I had the best summer ever!
Kara Hochstadt, Scarsdale, New York

This trip was amazing, and I met the most incredible people! It is the best thing that ever happened to me! I signed up by myself and was nervous at what to expect, this trip blew my expectations away! I met my best friend on this trip and a ton of amazing new friends that I will stay in touch with for many years to come! My favorite activities were the small things we did as a group that brought us closer. Thank you so much for the summer of a lifetime!
Morgan Wagner, Henderson, Nevada

This summer was the best summer ever! I am so incredibly lucky to have made so many new incredible friends! I am so happy I came alone because now I have friends from all over the country! My Director Lauren was absolutely amazing!
Jacob Wilentz, Weston, Florida


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