32 Unforgettable Summers & More Than 27,000 Lives Forever Enriched

Who would have guessed that from our first journey in 1983 that took 40 pioneering teens to experience the beauty and adventure of the western National Parks of the USA and Canada along with the excitement of California, 3 decades later we would be offering 6 different program styles in 21 countries spanning 6 continents? We’ve shown thousands of teens a meaningful, rewarding and truly special summer of a lifetime and look forward to welcoming you to our family.

Simone’s trip was outstanding. We were extremely pleased with the depth and breadth of experiences. The rapport with all of the travelers that was fostered and the eye opening experiences with locals made it first rate. She enjoyed the adventures whole heartedly, surprising even herself when it came to ones that challenged her. We would unequivocally recommend your program!! Congratulations on living up to your stellar reputation.


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