Outstanding Leaders

Our Trip Directors and Trip Leaders are quite a talented bunch! They’ve got a knack for building dynamic groups and creating a very warm and welcoming environment. You’ll find many teachers, educators, and former camp counselors who double as world travelers, volunteers, band members, ski instructors, flash mob choreographers and so much more. We promised you great leadership on all of our programs. The following are just some of the notes we received thanking us and saying we delivered!

Brandon’s trip director Mike was incredible. The bond that he and Brandon developed was priceless (like a big brother). I thought the experience of traveling would be great for Brandon but never imagined that such a strong friendship and bond would be built between the two. This will be a friendship that will last a very long time.
Robin Schwartz, Phoenix, Arizona

My director Marissa had just the right amount of patience, passion, and poise to lead a successful trip. She is a role model and a true example of leadership.
Jacob Weber, Highland Park, Illinois

Jeffrey’s director Jared was instrumental in making this experience fun and memorable.  The staff had enormous energy, they set a very positive tone from the beginning, helped the kids get to know each other and were able to get them out of their comfort zone to do things they wouldn’t normally do. We can’t say enough great things about them.
Irene & Fred Gordon, Great Neck, New York

Jonathan had a wonderful program. After having been on a different tour company, there is no comparison. The staff was great. According to Jonathan, Gavin is amazing when it comes to dealing with kids. The other leaders were great as well. Jonathan made some great friends. Thank you for providing him with an unforgettable 3 weeks!
Stacey & Marc Berk, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Rachel had a wonderful experience.  The leaders, Danny, Nikki and Joelle led the trip with great heart and soul and helped to create some life-changing moments for our daughter. We are very grateful to all of you and look forward to future trips. 
Barbara Carr & Herb Goodman, Dallas, Texas

Ilana had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. One part that made the trip so amazing was the leaders JP and Heidi. JP seemed to have endless energy and a natural knack for working with young people. His humor and warm personality instilled a sense of comfort. In fact, Ilana said she would not have tried many of the things if not for JP. Heidi was absolutely lovely. She really worked hard consistently to make sure everyone was happy and comfortable with the experience. I feel that the staff was the difference between a good time and an amazing time. Thanks for the wonderful summer experience!
Melissa Regenbogen, Ardsley, New York

Thank you for giving Robert and Michael “the summer of their lives.” The reviews are outstanding. The leadership was something everyone at your company should be proud of. Their director was the most informative and trustworthy leader, who in addition to being competent, was “so incredibility fun and fantastic.” The trip was filled with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (an expression that is usually an exaggeration). My husband and I cannot thank you enough for providing this exciting opportunity and for executing with such excellence.
Jane & Ted Konigsberg, Miami, Florida

The staff Joe and Kiki was amazing! Dana cannot praise them enough. Dana said they worked so hard and really did everything possible to make this trip what it was. The African guides were also fabulous. Thanks for all the hard work on behalf of your staff! Dana told me that she always felt safe! Thank you again for another amazing experience.
Sharyn & Bill Schlenger, Huntington, New York

The trip was an opportunity of a lifetime. Making friends was easy because everyone was so outgoing and friendly. The staff is amazing, so nice, and accommodating. The locations are unbelievable! My director Shelby was so nice and funny and we got along really well. She really made the trip fun with her enthusiasm and excitement.
Sarah Lippman, Millburn, New Jersey

Matt was an absolutely incredible Director. I can’t say enough about how great he is! This staff surpassed my expectations in every way possible. What an incredible crew!
Katie Paul, Dresher, Pennsylvania

My trip director taught me how to live in the moment and he was fun, energetic, funny, sweet and caring. All the activities we did I would have never experienced. This trip was amazing! It was the #bestsummerever! I’m going to miss everyone!
Seryna Mamame, Parkland, Florida

My director Mike was amazing! Best director ever; he was fun and enthusiastic, I will miss him! The summer was the most valuable experience of my life so far and I wish only that the trip could last another 28 days! I would recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a diverse and great summer!
Emma Sanders, Portstewart, Northern Ireland

I had a great time. The staff was awesome and extremely helpful and the kids were kind and friendly. Jesse did a great job of keeping the balance of being director and a cool guy.
Jason Arkin, Sandy Springs, Georgia

Brad was the best leader I ever had through all my experiences in the past at camp. I couldn’t have asked for better.
Jason Shaiman, Livingston, New Jersey

Lindsay was a friendly and amazing director.  This was an amazing summer that I will never forget. The memories of the service and people I met will last a lifetime.
Andrew Grossman, Toronto, Ontario

Jana was an amazing, fun, unreal and perfect director. This is a great program with amazing opportunities. Everything was so organized and I felt very safe. I loved everything we did!  It was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.
Elizabeth Jaffe, Glencoe, Illinois

The leaders were excellent and Brendan the director was wonderful. Jenny liked them yet they supervised well with a nice balance between letting them have freedom yet remaining a leader.
Ellen Horing, Chappaqua, New York

Thank you for all your hard work. The director Chelsea was wonderful.  Jamie loved her experience and misses Costa Rica.
Bonnie Baer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The staff is amazing! They are all so welcoming, accepting, and a blast to spend time with.
Jenna Trattner, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Pierce had an amazing time and the director Anna was great! Well worth coming over from Belgium!
Linda Polak, Antwerp, Belgium

We can’t give Bryan’s director Anna enough praise and compliments! She is wonderful and so good with the kids. We are so happy she was the group leader and those kids are so lucky. She is fun, upbeat and very on top of all the details!!
Brenda & Greg Munks, Portola Valley, California

Olivia’s director, Dayna, was amazing!  She had a great trip and thoroughly enjoyed her 3 weeks in Spain. We were completely thrilled and beyond satisfied with all aspects of the trip!
Marla & James Gutherz, Westmount, Quebec

Ronen the director was extremely patient, hardworking and responsible. He’s the best. I really enjoyed traveling in such an authentic style. Backpacking Europe has taught me an endless amount of skills and responsibilities that I will be able to practice in future travels. The experiences I had this summer were only possible with the incredible 360° Student Travel group of leaders. Thanks for an outstanding summer experience!
Sophie Rosenblatt, Boulder, Colorado

Jenn had a great trip and experience. I was so impressed by the director Cayleigh and her kindness and knew immediately that Jenn was in great hands!
Lynne Atkinson, Westborough, Massachusetts

The leaders are dedicated to their jobs and make a large impact on the group. My director Rob is one of the greatest and most generous guys I’ve met.
Will Whalen, Rye Brook, New York

My director Kara was very kind and passionate about helping us to improve our Spanish.
Erica Simon, Boca Raton, Florida

The staff grows to be much more than chaperones throughout your journey. They are an inspiration, promote safety, they care and become your friends.
Allie Margol, Cooper City, Florida

My director Lauren was flexible, respectable, and a great leader.
Nicole Chernick, Irvington, New York

Nina was THRILLED with the trip and so were we! It surpassed our expectations on every level and we appreciate your help and guidance. Melissa the director was very professional, supportive and responsive. Kyle was a great leader and very encouraging. Nina tried new activities and made new friendships. She grew so much from her experiences! She is already talking about next year’s program.
Amy & Paul Sponseller, Ruxton, Maryland

From start to finish, the entire process was amazing. Simon the trip director “ROCKED and was the best ever!” I wish you could have heard how happy Garrett and his friends were and what they said about their trip! Seeing them so happy was WAY BEYOND my wildest expectations!
Dana Lepow, Houston, Texas

My director truly made the trip what it was. He is so down to earth and relates and listens to the kids so well.
Nicole Seligman, Thornhill, Ontario

I met all of the leaders and kids from Emma’s trip. The leaders were so great and friendly and Emma has had an amazing summer! Another great trip!
Lisa Altman, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Ben had a superb time and a great experience. He came home telling us of all his wonderful experiences in Peru. We have to thank his Trip Leaders Jen and Evan for taking such good care of him and for showing outstanding judgment. We are exceeding pleased with all aspects of his trip.
Laura & Robert Sachs, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Our director Alyssa was amazing and connected on a personal level. This was an amazing program, with amazing new friends – best summer ever.
Alex Koblin, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Emily’s director Dani was absolutely fabulous! The kids were well taken care of, safe and well informed while at the same time, they laughed, challenged themselves physically, and had “the best time of their lives.” His enthusiasm in the photos was contagious to all of us at home and we also loved the email updates he sent to us. Thank you!
Julie & Jeff Kaplan, Glencoe, Illinois

My director Jasmine was very organized and always tried to incorporate and fulfill everyone’s needs. The group leaders are very helpful and accommodating!
Brittany Ehardt , Congers, New York

The program was superlative. It gave Evan a life-enhancing, wonderful experience. The leader Nick was absolutely above all expectations. He was an impressive leader, balanced and structured yet relaxed and enjoyable for the young people. I’d unreservedly recommend the trip again as well as with Nick again.
Jim Hedges, New York, New York

All the leaders were excellent.
Camilla Cancrini & Maria Vittoria Bonanni, Rome, Italy

It’s rare to come across a staff team as competent, devoted and personable as the staff I traveled with this summer!
Jeremy Aidem, New York, New York

The program was perfect and I liked my director Jason very much – he was excellent! It was a summer of a lifetime. I made so many friends. Thank you all!
Ivna Araripe, Fortaleza, Brazil

Ken and the staff made this the absolute best summer of Carly’s life. He made a tremendous effort to make the group very cohesive and a family. He was extremely fun and entertaining for the kids to be around. She had such a great time and didn’t want to come home.
Stacy and Eric Wolf, West Bloomfield, Michigan


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