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Northwestern Odyssey checks in from Seattle.

Hello again!

As we write this it’s our final evening in Seattle before we shift gears and hit the road for our next adventure in Canada. It has been a fantastic couple of days since we traveled from Mt. Hood. Let us tell you why…

On Sunday, our first day in Seattle, we caught a close baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres. Baseball fan or not, all of the kids left with smiles on their faces after being displayed on the Jumbotron in front of the entire stadium! If that wasn’t enough, our two trip members from Italy, Leonardo and Federico, threw their hands up in the air and managed to cause a wave effect that passed through hundreds of other spectators around the field. Good job boys!

The next day was probably the most action packed one yet as the group toured two of the city’s most recognizable and signature landmarks: Pike Place Public Market and the towering Seattle Space Needle. I think that any of us would now be able to recognize Seattle’s skyline after having explored the most distinguishable part of it. The highlight of the day however came that evening when Jordan, Eric, Max and Daniel M. won the Whirlyball championship. Whirlyball is a bizarre but tremendously fun cross between lacrosse and basketball that is played entirely in bumper cars (check out the pictures online!).

A trip to Seattle would not be complete without visiting the water front and so Tuesday morning’s kayak excursion did just that. With the clearest of blue skies overhead and not a cloud in sight, it was probably the best possible day that we could have been in the city’s bay. Later that afternoon we would revisit it, this time on an amphibious “duck” bus tour loaded with quirky and trivial facts about Seattle. Did you know that Jimi Hendrix bought his first guitar at a pawn store blocks away from where we are staying?

With that fun tidbit of information, we conclude this update but invite you to check back in a few days for the next one! We are thoroughly enjoying this road trip with your sons and daughters!

The staff from the Northwestern Odyssey

The Westcoast Blogger

Frozen Hot Chocolates in Vegas – The Adventurer

Here is the latest from the Adventurer!

The Westcoast Blogger

Hello friends,

It is time for a summary of our adventures in San Diego and Las Vegas… Lots to tell! La Jolla beach on Monday was absolutely stunning. The water was warm and every single one of us went swimming in the waves. We arrived at our campsite in San Diego in the evening and started on a delicious feast. To introduce the meal, Tyler and Brad told a ridiculous story that had all of us intrigued; it had no ending, and made no sense (haha).

The famous San Diego Zoo on Tuesday was very exciting, not only because we got to see exotic animals, but also because it was Zack’s birthday!! We started off our day with a double-decker bus tour of the zoo (we were on the top) and saw some awesome animals, such as elephants, giraffes, monkeys, etc. Following the zoo, we stopped off at a skating rink that was situated in the middle of a huge shopping mall – it wasn’t even in a separate room! Andy and Sammy both told me that they hadn’t skated much before, but they turned out to be quite skilled by the time we left. The Padres vs. the Braves baseball game in the evening was another neat experience. The stadium was huge and the weather was great. It was also pretty cool to see Alanna, Ben E., and Tyler catch some balls! The busy day was finished off with a delicious birthday cake in celebration of our amazing Zack J.

Wednesday’s surfing was (of course) a huge hit for everyone. In fact, not only did virtually every tour member inform me that it was the greatest day of the trip thus far, but each and every one of them managed to stand up and surf!! Daniel M. actually has a cousin that is a professional surfer, and he was also pretty good himself! When we weren’t surfing, we spent our time playing sports on the beach or jumping in the huge waves. We have come to the conclusion that San Diego beaches are the best.

Everyone was super pumped for Vegas on Thursday, and it definitely lived up to our expectations. The city was so colourful at night! As we walked into the Venetian hotel, we thought it was daytime because the roof was so deceiving… Until we remembered that it was dark outside! We also had the opportunity to see a spectacular fountain show outside of the Bellagio hotel and casino, as well as the volcano erupt beside the Mirage hotel.

Our thrill ride up the Big Shot at the Stratosphere was incredible! To give you an idea of the highest thrill ride in the world, It shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45 mph (over 4 Gs) from the 105th floor of the building until they are 1,081 feet above the Strip. All of us went on the ride and I would have to say that Gill C. was the most terrified (and hilariously dramatic)! Immediately following this event, we met up with Dylan, his parents, and Andy who surprised us with amazing treats at Serendipity. This place is famous for their “frozen hot chocolate”, which the majority of us ordered… yum! Thank you so much Bo and Marcie!

We spent the afternoon playing at our hotel’s pool area, which had a wave pool, a hot tub, and even a lazy river! Greg and Nicole spent lots of time poolside and definitely took advantage of the beautiful hotel facilities. We visited the New York, New York hotel in the evening, where just about everyone decided to go on the hotel rollercoaster. Daniel W., Tyler, Matt, Sam E., and Zack ate at the ESPN restaurant – we didn’t even know these existed!

Today we are on our way to Bryce Canyon. The scenery on the drive is magnificent and very different from anything else we’ve seen on the trip. There are green, yellow, orange, and red cliffs in all directions! We just stopped for lunch, where Zack, Nolan, Tyler, Michael, and Greg helped out with lunch preparation.

More coming soon!

The Adventurer Team