Global Adventures

What is your inspiration to travel? Our Global Adventure programs are smaller group experiences that in addition to providing a more intimate dynamic, also allow for more challenging adventures in Western Canada, New Zealand & Australia or for more spontaneity and flexibility on our Backpacking programs in Europe. These adventures quickly bring about that tightly bonded family feel and will leave you with unforgettable lifelong memories.

While all of these global adventures share the same goal of exploration, each is designed somewhat uniquely. On most of the “Backpack” itineraries, you will travel by trains, ferries and other local transportation. On some segments where local transportation is less efficient we use a coach bus. By the way, “Backpack” refers to your luggage, and a style of travel.

In the magnificent peaks of Western Canada, or in the South and North Islands of New Zealand, your adrenaline will be pumping with the coolest activities. Just how much adventure can you handle in one summer?

So whether you are glacier walking in Western Canada, whitewater rafting a 22’ waterfall in New Zealand or exploring the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, you will be afforded the opportunity to really connect with the places you are visiting and with your fellow travelers.

There are a million enticing reasons to venture. Whatever your motivation, great discoveries and adventures await you and be careful because like all of us, once you get bitten by the travel bug- the only way to cure it is to hit the road again and then you are hooked forever!

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