Community Service Programs

Community service programs will help you make a difference and leave your mark. Whether you are building homes with Habitat for Humanity in San Diego, making repairs to local schools with the Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation, or teaching children to read with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hawaii, our community service programs will have you working with well-established organizations and giving back to communities in need. Last summer, participants on our community service programs completed 33,069 hours of service (that’s equivalent to 3.8 years!) in just 8 weeks.

The universal benefit of volunteering on our community service programs is the opportunity to learn. In some cases, the new knowledge is practical. For example, you will learn what is involved in building a house. In other cases, it’s a process of self-discovery that may be less tangible but equally important. The experience of volunteering on community service programs cultivates a lifelong service-ethic, and when you reach out, you exchange ideas and experiences, creating a ripple effect that result in benefits to the larger community.

During community service programs, you’ll be surfing in Hawaii, whitewater rafting in Alaska, zip lining in Costa Rica, climbing to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, or marveling at the Big 5 on safari in South Africa. We know when to pick up the pace to get your adrenaline flowing; we also know when it’s time to chill with some downtime on the beach. The balance of service and recreation is what sets our community service programs apart. We know that by integrating adventure and recreational highlights into our itineraries, we are able to maintain your high level of enthusiasm!

We also believe in reasonable and comfortable accommodations. Whether you are spending the night in a college dorm, a simple hotel or a bed and breakfast, you will find yourself able to relax and unwind on our rewarding community service programs. For the consistency of the group experience, we do not have any homestays nor is there camping.

Before joining us on one of our community service programs, make sure you are excited about the projects and ready to make a difference. If you come prepared with a positive attitude, you will be ready to embrace the challenges and reap the many rewards. All of our participants work together on each of the projects listed. It will take teamwork, cooperation and leadership to succeed. You are committing yourself to 6-8 hours of volunteer work on the days that projects are scheduled. By giving it your all, you are sure to enjoy incredible memories and feel good about what you have accomplished. You will receive a certificate of completion recognizing 25-80 hours of service and highlighting the projects you helped complete (depending on the community service programs in which you have enrolled).

Community service programs break down barriers and build awareness, compassion, and relationships. They develop leaders and global citizens. It is not just about seeing a place. It’s about creating powerful, life-changing experiences.

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