A Summer to Remember! – California and the Canyons

Hello from Arizona, our final stop! It’s hard to believe that this is the final blog from our California and the Canyons trip. Time definitely flies by when you’re having fun! On the way to our final camping stop, we stopped at the beautiful Zion National Park where Sarah S. was quick to jump to […]

Celebrity Sighting in Vegas! – California and the Canyons

Hello parents!   We have had a great couple of days in Las Vegas! Our time began at a whole new altitude when we went to the Stratosphere Hotel to experience the three thrilling rides atop it. Jared, Danny, Daniel and Alex braved a ride called Insanity which gave them a great view of Las […]

City By the Bay! – US Explorer

Welcome Back Westcoast Families! None of us can believe that we have arrived to our final destination on our 40 day adventure across the US – San Francisco, CA. There has been an enormous amount of memories, friendships, and jokes made throughout this journey and nobody will forget them. As we departed from Lake Tahoe, […]

Blue Team vs. Red Team! – US Explorer

Welcome Back! As we are en route to our final destination on our tour of the United States, it is now time to reflect back on our unbelievable time in Lake Tahoe, California. Our bus ride from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe went by quickly since the staff broke color war while on the road! […]

California State of Mind – U.S. Explorer

COWABUNGA Dudes and Dudettes! Uhh…we mean, hi friends and family of U.S. Explorer! Clearly we are in a California state of mind – we have been having a rad time and want to tell you all about it! As soon as we got to Cali, we couldn’t wait to put our toes in the sand […]

We LOVE L.A.! – U.S. Explorer

Welcome Back U.S Explorer Families! It has been an incredible five days in Los Angeles – one of the most anticipated stops on the trip! It’s crazy to think that we have headed into the single-digit countdown of the summer. It feels like just yesterday we were traveling up to Ithaca! On our way to […]

California Cruising – California and the Canyons

Hello parents, family and friends! We had a blast in Lake Tahoe! On our way to the campsite we stopped to go white water rafting. It was Brad’s first time and he loved it. Alex joined a group of girls and was their very own personal guide. Ann-Katherin and Ally were expert paddlers, and Jordan […]

Our Adventure Continues! – American Voyageur

What a great week we have had…. We started off our 2nd day in San Diego with a much awaited twin day. Valerie and Sydney T. went all out with goggles, floaties and matching shirts. Sydney M. and Haley P. were Mickey Mouse chefs, and Becky, Jackie, Liv, and Emily wore matching shirts and Minnie […]

Surfing Through San Diego! – US Explorer

Welcome to beautiful, sunny California! It has been an incredible journey across the country and we have made it to our final and 14th state! We have so many exciting activities planned over these next two weeks and we were all excited to begin in San Diego! After listening to a bus playlist of Katy […]

Fun in San Diego! – California Community Service

Hello Friends and Family of California Community Service, We have arrived in San Diego! As we traveled from Ontario, the group stopped by for lunch and some sight-seeing at the San Clemente Pier. Matt and Daniel managed to get some great shots for our photo competition at this beautiful location, and the girls enjoyed relaxing […]