Skiing and Mountain Biking on Mt. Hood – American Voyageur

Greetings AmVoy #2 Parents, Another day has come and gone, always more exciting than the last. On our way from Seattle to Oregon we traveled through the state capital of Washington, Olympia. This quaint little town had quite a farmer’s market! Sam H. and Jamie found delicious snow peas and were quite satisfied. Jeremy enjoyed […]

Greetings from Switzerland – ON TOUR European Experience

Our westcoast family left the beautiful city of Paris to head to Annecy. We stopped for a wine tasting at a 1,000 year old vineyard. Adam S, Justin, and Emily emerged as sophisticated wine tasters. Upon returning to the bus, a game of speed dating began in which trip members spent a minute with each member of […]

Dance Off in Whistler! – American Voyageur

Greetings AmVoy #2 Parents! Day 12 started with a breakfast at Starbucks and Tim Hortons before we hit the road to Whistler. The ride included our morning mix, our daily Real Men of Genius commercials, 18 Wheels on a Big Rig, and some other classic sing-alongs. On the way, we stopped in Hope, British Columbia. […]

Picturesque Gondola Ride up the Matterhorn – European Escape

Dear Families, As we headed to Annecy from Paris, the Justin Bieber-trend continued with a sing-a-long version on the bus dedicated to our Trip Director Bryan. Dinner in Annecy brought some new experiences for some of our trip members, as Colton was thrilled about shelling shrimp for the first time! The staff were quite impressed […]

Walking on Sunshine – Northwestern Odyssey

The Northwestern Odyssey Trip checks in. Dear families and friends! We’ve been walking on sunshine! Since those cloudy days of Mt. Hood are long behind us, we’ve had nothing but blue skies all day. Crossing the border after our educational experience at the Laundromat (where Caroline, Erica, Jared and Lea enjoyed one of Seattle’s finest […]

Fourth of July at Yellowstone National Park – Californian Extravaganza

The first week of our Californian Extravaganza trip has been nothing short of amazing. After meeting in the Denver airport we checked into our dorm rooms at the University of Colorado Boulder and headed to the Sink for dinner where customers are encouraged to sign their names on the ceiling. All of the trip members […]

Hitting the Slopes – Northwestern Odyssey

Hello all, We arrived in beautiful Portland, Oregon to start our 25-day Northwestern Odyssey adventure. After breaking the ice with introductions and some games, we got ready to pitch our first tent. Working in teams of new friends, we got the job accomplished…slowly but surely, with the girls getting their site ready faster than the […]

Clear Blue Skies at Mount Hood – Northwestern Odyssey

Northwestern Odyssey checks in from Mount Hood. Hello from Mt. Hood!  The staff of Northwestern Odyssey are happy to report that everything is off to an amazing start! After our brief orientation and ice breaking mini games, we met Frank the bus driver who took us on our maiden voyage to the Mt. Hood campsite. […]